Dishwasher Program

DaLCaM Sanitation Solutions utilizes the Knight Chemical dispensing system. The newest control unit available for commercial dish washing. Technically engineered to deliver consistent results and cost control with Smart Sense Technology. The DaLCaM Dish System utilizes a non-chlorinated specialized detergent & rinse agent to meet the multitude of water conditions experienced in the various Maritime geographical areas. The Detergent may be calibrated accordingly for soft water conditions where less amounts are required. This flexibility allows us to keep the in-use cost in line with the pail price.

Laundry Program

The Knight on-premise (OP) laundry equipment is designed with a multi programmable controller with the ability to adapt to any commercial washer. The “OP” laundry system will inject the proper amounts every time with a verification program and wash count stored in the microprocessor. We utilize the “flush manifold” deliver system for safety for large washers. The DaLCaM Laundry system consists of a unique “Detergent” program. The “detergent” program, know as the stable PH system, uses little Alkali additive thus no Sour (acid) is required in the final rinse. This method will ensure the shelf life of linen; minimize the chance of patient rashes as well as the production of proper and complete cleaning. Dalcam delivers clean and safe linen!

Kitchen Hygiene

We offer a complete line of products to meet the sanitation needs of the food service operator. The DaLCaM kitchen line covers everything from Descaling agents for sensitive stainless steel equipment to user-friendly manual dish washing systems. Properly named products will reduce the improper use of chemical products in the workplace.

Janitorial Services

Dalcam offers a comprehensive janitorial line consisting of detergents, disinfectants, paper, garbage bags, floor equipment, hand soap, hand sanitizers and all pertinent industrial cleaning solutions to assist in maintaining a clean environment.

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